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For our loyal customers who know just how well Poopdoc Colon Products work and want to purchase at the best price possible, we have two special offers for you.

If you are a new customer you can certainly take advantage of these offers risk free. Our products works so well we unconditionally guarantee your total satisfaction with Poopdoc ™ with our - no quibble, money-back guarantee.

Three-Pak Special $89.97

Save $29.94 a full 24%

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Three-Pak Combo $109.95
Save $37.46

3 PoopDoc’s Colon Cleanser and
1 PoopDoc Daily Fiber Supplement

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Combo-Pak only $57.97
Save $ 9.50

1 PoopDoc Colon Cleanse and 1 Daily Fiber Supplement.  This is a GREAT STARTER PACKAGE, part #1 and Part #2.  Clean the colon (part #1) and keep it clean (part #2).

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$27.50 (lasts about 45 days)

An "Intestinal Broom" created as Part 2 to follow PoopDoc's Colon Cleanse to keep your colon clean. PoopDoc’s Daily Fiber Supplement has 5 intestinal herbs, including an anti-parasite herb (that’s a whole new topic we didn’t talk about yet).  PoopDoc’s DFS is absolutely amazing.  This will really get you to talk about pooping!

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