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To Poop or not to Poop, that IS the question.

So what happens when we do go regularly? Usually a smiling face and a happy heart. We skip to the mailbox instead of walk. What happens when we don't poop?? I think we all know the first answer to that question. What many don't realize is how in depth the consequences really are. Not to go results from depression to disease.

So what is constipation? It's the piling up of waste matter filling your body without escape. Food in, food out, right? Not with constipation. Food goes in, yes, but not out. Your body becomes a cesspool, a sewage plant. Ever smell some strangely bad breath or very strong body odor on a person? Ask them when the last time they pooped.

Most likely its been days if not longer. If you were a sewage plant, what do you think it would smell like if you opened up one of the doors?? How often we should go can be understood with plain old
common sense. If a meal goes in, what do you think should come out? 1 in, 1 out. It is well understood if we eat 3 meals a day, then we should have 3 bowel movements a day. Remember how many diapers you changed? After each meal the baby left you a present. Now that's a good working colon. Most
adults eat 2 major meals a day, thus they should have 2 bowel movements.

We can help our bodies function at an optimal level by having a clean, healthy colon, which IS the foundation to our health. Detoxification or cleansing the colon, is the primary reason PoopDoc colon
cleanser is so important. Its designed to help break up and flush out impacted fecal matter. A healthy colon equals vibrant health.

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