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Constipation and Virgin Coconut Oil – The Secret Benefits of VC

Virgin coconut oil has been around for thousands of years, but it is only now that they are gaining escalating popularity for the plethora of health benefits it has been proven to offer. Virgin coconut oil is widely used in Asian countries for cooking and for therapeutic uses.

But did you know that virgin coconut oil is also great for constipation relief? There are a wide variety of constipation remedies out there: laxatives, enemas, herbal teas, natural remedies and such. However, if you are seeking for a constipation remedy that is natural and effective, you should definitely try virgin coconut oil.

How Virgin Coconut Oil Helps in Constipation Relief

Constipation is a pretty common condition in this day and age. There are plenty of reasons why and the most common reason is a poor diet. A poor diet consists of high fast food and processed foods intake, high in sweets, high in meats but low in fruits, vegetables and fluid intake.

Particular medications, change in lifestyle due to habitual traveling, aging, hormonal imbalance during pregnancy, misuse of laxatives and irritable bowel syndrome are also considered culprits of constipation. Since constipation remedies are varied, one may get confused as to what remedy is right for them.

So how does virgin coconut oil provide relief from constipation? The reason why virgin coconut oil eases constipation is because it is fibrous and it cleanses the colon very effectively. It also increases your metabolism rate letting your system break down food faster and effectively which can lead to increased bowel movement and weight reduction.

Virgin coconut oil is also an anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-viral agent. The fatty acids found in virgin coconut oil can also boost your immune system and equips it with the tools it needs to fight off bacteria, diseases and other infections.

Most people wouldn’t believe this just because virgin coconut oil is oil and as we all know oil is bad for the health for numerous reasons. The distinctive characteristic that sets virgin coconut oil apart from other harmful oils is that it doesn’t turn to fat. It is incredibly safe and it can actually lower your cholesterol.

Other Beneficial Uses of VCO

Aside from constipation relief and lowering cholesterol, virgin coconut oil has also been proven to prevent and fight off these diseases: influenza, nausea, coughs, bronchitis, bruises, earaches, scabies, jaundice, toothaches, dropsy, inflammations, urinary tract infection, menstrual problems, ulcers, pneumonia, gonorrhea, herpes, thrush, diaper rash, hepatitis C, ringworm, athlete’s foot, candidiasis, lice, hemorrhoids, Crohn’s disease, diabetes, pancreatitis, colitis, osteoporosis and tapeworms and other parasites.

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