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Serious Causes of Constipation

Constipation is certainly nothing new and we have all been inconvenienced by this physical condition at some point in our lives.  Most often, the constipation will pass in a day or two and we will be able to return to normal bowel movements.  The cause is usually something minor such as a change in diet, dehydration, or even a side effect of taking some new medication.  But when constipation does not go away after a couple of days or it causes severe abdominal or lower back pain, there may be a larger medical issue to consider and it is definitely time to consult with a physician.

There are three basic reasons for constipation.  First, there is a blockage of some sort in the digestive tract.  Second, there is something causing the muscles in the colon and/or bowels to malfunction and thus not push waste through the digestive tract.  Finally, constipation can result when dehydration or dietary problems have led to hardened stool.  Each of these generic causes of constipation may be further subdivided, but these are the reasons for infrequent or troubled bowel movements in the vast majority of cases.

A blockage in the digestive tract may be caused by compacted feces.  Waste clings to the sides of the colon and bowels and can lead to blockages if the digestive tract is not flushed from time to time.  Once a blockage occurs, it generally requires a colon cleansing in order to flush the digestive tract.  Colon cleansers made with all-natural ingredients are preferred to those made with harsh chemicals because they are less likely to kill the good bacteria living in your digestive tract. 

A blockage may also form due to colon cancer, polup or other serious medical issues relating to the digestive tract.  It is also possible for the intestines to become tangled and kinked so that waste does not properly flow through the system.  In either event, prolonged periods of blockage will ultimately lead to bacteria running free through your blood stream as they will eventually be reabsorbed by the body if not passed in a normal bowel movement.  Both colon cancer and twisted intestines can ultimately cause death but they are both treatable if caught early.  Prolonged periods of constipation, especially when they are accompanied by acute abdominal or lower back pain, can be signs of a serious medical problem and a doctor should be consulted immediately.

Constipation caused by a failure of the colon muscle to push waste through the digestive tract is sometimes caused by a dependence on laxatives.  After habitual use, laxatives may damage nerve endings in the muscles of the colon to the point that it no longer functions properly.  In time, laxatives are actually necessary to have a bowel movement because the colon no longer can push waste through the digestive tract on its own.  If you can no longer have a bowel movement without the use of laxatives, consult with a good health care professional.

In most cases, however, constipation is caused by improper diet and lack of exercise.  By eating a diet high in fiber, getting plenty of exercise, drinking less caffeine and alcohol and using cleansers (made from all-natural ingredients) to flush out the digestive system every 3 or 4 months, a person can generally avoid most cases of constipation.  However, be concerned about any constipation that does not go away in a couple days or has symptoms that include severe abdominal or lower back pain.  In either case, be sure to consult with your physician immediately.

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