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Finding Relief for Constipation

Conditioned by a society that seeks instant gratification for every little problem or annoyance, people with temporary constipation problems usually seek relief in the form of a laxative.  While laxatives will usually get the bowels moving again, they tend to be made with stimulants that stimulate Peristaltic action—or the movement of food and waste through your body in the normal process of digestion.  However, stimulants will cause dehydration—a known cause of constipation problems.  Plus, the body may become dependent upon laxatives in order to initiate Peristaltic action which would initiate a destructive cycle based upon stimulant abuse and a dysfunctional digestive system.  

But relief for constipation does not need to come in the form of a laxative that uses harsh chemicals and stimulants as the active ingredients.  Yet, it is also true that most of us do not have 2-3 weeks to improve our diets naturally with fiber and help promote normal bowel movements.  This is certainly a good idea as part of a long term constipation prevention strategy, but it can take weeks for fiber to have any noticeable affect upon your bowel movements.

Constipation can be alleviated naturally in the short term with some simple home remedies.  A couple of glasses of grape or prune juice before going to bed should provide relief for constipation by morning in most cases of temporary symptoms.  Another home remedy is to add a half glass of orange juice to a half cup of olive oil and drink in the morning—you should have a movement before retiring for the evening.

Of course there are hundreds of home remedies that supposedly provide relief for constipation.  Most will indeed provide short term relief of constipation and help soften stool or stimulate a bowel movement.  However, especially in men, frequent to chronic constipation can be a sign of colon cancer.  It is vital to consult with your physician whenever constipation lasts for more than a couple of days past your normal bowel movement or when short term constipation starts becoming an issue more and more frequently. 

At the very least, any constipation problems mean that waste, toxins, and harmful bacteria are backing up in your digestive tract.  If the waste is not removed with a bowel movement in a timely manner, the toxins and bacteria will actually re-enter the blood stream.  Long term constipation can lead to such severe bowel blockages that the entire body becomes flooded with bacteria and infection—septicemia is the result and it will lead to death unless doctors are able to get the bacteria under control.

The best long-term relief for constipation is to eat a healthy, well-balanced diet with plenty of fiber, 8 or more glasses of water each day, and topped off with exercise.  It is also a good idea to give the digestive tract a good flushing quarter.  Colonic cleansers are available that can clean the entire digestive system and reduce the chances of getting those blockages that cause constipation.  Find cleansers that use all natural ingredients as those made from harsh chemicals or synthetic products may cause allergic reactions or dehydration. 

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