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Is a Laxative or Karo Syrup Better for Constipation Symptoms?

Most of us don’t have the time to be slowed down by the irritation and discomfort caused by constipation.  Infrequent or non-existent bowel movements, pain while passing stool which may be hard and dry, abdominal or back pain, and nausea are all possible symptoms of constipation.  But all too often, people tend think that laxatives are the cure-all for any and all constipation symptoms.  The problem with using laxatives to relieve constipation symptoms is that they can be habit forming, use stimulants as active ingredients, and lead to dehydration and further constipation.

In additions to the concerns listed above, the use of laxatives can also kill friendly bacteria that reside in your colon and bowels.  These friendly bacteria help prevent feces and other toxins from attaching to the side walls of the colon and bowels.  When too much waste becomes attached, the potential for a blockage increases.  Blockages can lead to more severe constipation and ultimately cause bacteria and toxins to be flooded through your blood stream when they are not vacated from the body during a normal bowel movement.

A dependence upon laxatives will eventually cause the colon itself to cease functioning unless laxatives are present.  This is because the stimulants present in most laxatives available on the market today can actually lead to nerve damage in the colon to the point that it can no longer effectively push waste through the digestive tract on its own.  When this point has been reached, laxatives are basically essential to the digestive process, but hardly natural or the preferred catalyst for a bowel movement.

Karo syrup, on the other hand, is a more natural way to cope with constipation and it most certainly is not habit forming like laxatives can be.  Karo syrup is effective on constipation because it stimulates movement in the intestines.  This helps get the entire digestive tract moving and makes it easier to have a bowel movement.  Plus, since karo syrup is essentially little more than sugar water, it also will draw moisture into the digestive tract and thus soften stool. 

The one drawback about using karo syrup for constipation is that it is not as fast at relieving symptoms as a laxative nor will it be effective in more severe cases.  However, for a natural solution to your constipation problems that is non-habit forming and will not weaken the muscles in your colon to the point that it no longer functions properly on its own (caused by laxatives), karo syrup is definitely preferred to the use of a laxative.

However, while karo syrup and laxatives will indeed relieve temporary constipation, a thorough flushing of the entire digestive tract is sometimes a good idea.  Removing compacted feces and waste from the walls of the digestive tract will reduce chances of a blockage forming and contribute to better overall functioning of the entire system.  Using a colon cleanser should prove effective but be sure to find one with all-natural ingredients as those made with harsh chemicals or synthesized ingredients tend to cause complications such as dehydration, a known cause of constipation. 

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