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It's Time For A Massage! It's A Constipation Remedy

Have you been dealing with an annoying bout of constipation lately? Perhaps you should book yourself a nice, relaxing massage. I know you likely think this means you are ignoring the problem and just going to do something to take your mind off of your constipation, but there is much more to this. Massage may well be one of the newest constipation remedies.

A new study released in the Nursing Times shows that there is more to massage than a way to relax you. It may also relax that bowel obstruction that is keeping you from being regular.

The study included 60 people who were suffering with constipation symptoms. They were split into two groups. One of those groups was given prescription laxatives to see how they worked alone. The other group got localized massages of the abdomen for 15 minutes as well as the prescription laxatives to see what the difference would be.

Now, since both groups were using laxatives, you may not be surprised to know that both groups saw results. But it was in how good of results and the side effects of the results that you would be impressed.

You see the group that had the massage, as a constipation remedy, in addition to the laxatives reported quickly increased bowel movements, but also fewer side effects than those who just used laxatives alone.

If you have ever used laxatives you know that they can cause cramping, irritability and other side effects as they are 'working their magic' in your system. Well, in those who used the massage therapy in addition to the stool softener, there were fewer of these side effects. Many even noted that they felt better overall because of the enjoyable massage that was a part of their constipation remedies.

Unfortunately the study did not take things one step further and have a third test group that only did the massage as a method of constipation relief. Because of that, one can only speculate if it would have worked on its own allowing an all-natural option to stopping the pain that constipation can cause. Bitcoin Accepted Here