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Intestinal Parasites Can Infect The Body

Are you one of those people that have seen a show about the various parasites and bacteria that could be growing in your body and are completely grossed out? You may be thinking, but wait, I'm healthy. I obviously don't have those problems in my body. Well, not so fast. It's very possible that you have a body that's racked with parasites and you don't even know it. As a matter of fact, researchers believe that about 85% of people in North America have some sort of colon parasites. And that number may be conservative. Still other reports believe intestinal parasites could be in up to 95% of North Americans.

Why don't you realize that you have colon parasites? Well the simple answer is that those parasites want to live. That means they're going to try to as hard as they can for you not to recognize they're there. After all, once you know that they are, you're going to try to kill them. So, quite often it's hard to tell you have symptoms of parasites. When it comes to parasites in humans, the symptoms can be very basic, easy to overlook, often easily diagnosed as something else.

Making this matter worse is that it's not easy for doctors to figure out that you have parasites either. You see, there are only tests for about 40-50 of the current known parasites that can be in your system. Since there are over 1000 types of parasites that can infect the body many of these being intestinal parasites, that means you won't know you have these parasites from a simple test.

You might even be helping those parasites get stronger and multiply quickly within your body. This happens because the majority of parasites feed off of something within your system. If you have a sweet tooth, they well may be feeding off of the sugar.

The key to getting rid of parasites in humans is talking to your doctor. The doctor may recommend a number of things such as an intestinal cleanse, colon cleanse and medications to kill off the parasites and flush them from your body. In addition to the parasite cleanse you'll likely need to take medication and make sure you stick to it. Parasites are quite resilient and are willing to move around in the body. So while you might start to think they're going away, they really could be reforming somewhere else. The only way to get rid of them for good is to be vigilant. Bitcoin Accepted Here