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Increase Fiber Intake For Constipation Relief

There are many ways to relieve constipation. However, there is one almost sure solution to it, fiber. Fiber sometimes referred to as roughage or bulk is the indigestible portion of plant foods. Unlike other components our body does not digest fiber. Instead it passes it through the stomach, small intestine, colon, and out of your body. Fiber has two main components, soluble and insoluble fiber.

Soluble fiber dissolves in water and becomes gelatinous; it helps lower cholesterol and glucose levels. Insoluble fiber increases the movement of material through the digestive system and increases stools. Insoluble fiber is especially beneficial to those who suffer from constipation and irregularity.

Due to society's growing constipation problems, many fiber supplements have been created and marketed, making fiber awareness skyrocket. A diet high in fiber can be achieved in various ways. If you are able you can change your diet to include foods that will provide "natural" fiber. However, for those of us who tend to want something a bit more convenient there are fiber supplements that definitely do the job.

There are 3 major benefits to having a diet high in fiber. First and foremost it keeps your digestive system clean and functioning correctly. When that is working right it can affect many aspects of your health in a positive way, as well as lowering the risk of hemorrhoids. Although it is not yet proven researchers are looking into the theory that fiber plays a role in preventing diseases of the colon such as cancer.

The most well-known benefit of fiber is of course that it normalizes bowel movements and helps finding constipation relief. It does so by adding weight and size to stools. If your stool tends to be watery, fiber also helps by solidifying it. In some cases it may even provide relief from irritable bowel syndrome.

Fiber has also become more and more popular in the weight loss department. A diet high in fiber tends to make one feel fuller without having to over eat. Food high in fiber also tends to have fewer calories. Aside from constipation relief, fiber aids in lowering your cholesterol and helps control blood sugar levels.

You must note, when raising your fiber intake you must also raise your water intake. When fiber is not taken with enough water you can become extremely constipated, as well as suffering from a possible dehydration. Absolutely canceling out why you started taking fiber to begin with. Bitcoin Accepted Here