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How Important is Your Health?

Health is generally recognized as one of the most important things we can have in life, and yet most people make choices which seem to suggest that health is not a high priority for them. They make food and beverage choices with little or no thought to the nutritional value or damaging effects of what they're consuming; they find time for many forms of idle entertainment but little or none for exercising or for learning more about getting and staying healthy; and they routinely spend disposable dollars on countless
things that produce marginal if any benefit in their lives, while pinching pennies on healthful nutritional supplements--if they even take supplements at all.

As a visitor to a natural health website which provides information about internal cleansing, chances are that you're above the average in this regard. If so, congratulations! However, we can all benefit from some encouragement and some enhanced perspective, and an occasional gentle reminder that sensible priorities produce the most favorable results. In this spirit, we offer a few thoughts to ponder, which we hope will be inspirational and supportive as you live by your wise choices. Even if this is all self-evident to you, perhaps some of these thoughts will help you in your attempts to motivate your loved ones to make similar positive decisions.

Health does not have to be expensive. For example, most fresh fruits and vegetables cost much less, pound for pound and calorie for calorie, than most refined and processed foods. While organically-grown produce is generally more expensive than non-organic, even it is considerably less expensive than most nutritionally inferior supermarket foods that people regularly buy without even blinking at their prices. And the same is true for healthy choices outside of the produce aisle. Whole grains and beans,
for example, are generally quite affordable--even the organically-grown varieties. And sproutable seeds (a category which includes some grain and bean items, like raw lentils) are extremely inexpensive, especially when one considers that they generally produce several times their dry weight in nutritious food--and most are simple and easy to sprout. Likewise, many natural herbs and spices can inexpensively add both flavor and nutritional value to our meals. And water, so important to our health, is not a budget-breaker even if one buys the highest-priced bottled varieties.

Similarly, health can be enhanced by regular exercise, many forms of which are free, along with slow, deep breathing and adequate sleep, both of which are also free. Also, choosing positive thoughts and attitudes and minimizing negative emotions like fear and anger can also have a very beneficial effect on our health--and, while the self-control this requires may not always be easy, it's not inherently any more expensive than ignoring it and letting destructive attitudes have free rein. Additionally, a huge amount of well-documented and extremely helpful natural health information is available on the internet and in libraries for free. There is much that we can do to improve our health which will cost us little or nothing, and in fact may save a great deal of money, even before factoring in any reduction in medical bills!

Health, though, IS worth an expenditure of money if that's part of what it takes to attain or keep it. Money spent on natural health care, whether it's in the form of good nutritional supplements, a vegetable juicer, chiropractic adjustments, naturopathic physicians, or some other area in this field, can be among the best investments you ever made. Obviously the validity of the cause doesn't make every related product or service a good deal. But if there is any segment of the marketplace worthy of being a high
priority for your money and your attention, it is the natural health field, which is dedicated to helping you take charge of your own health, safely and effectively. A cornerstone of this sound principle is to Keep Clean Inside. The Poopdoc program is a proven safe and effective way of pursuing this important goal, which will produce benefits far beyond the small investment it takes to get started. Try it and see!

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