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While enzymes have almost countless functions in the body, a key category of enzymes is digestive enzymes--that is, enzymes which help our bodies digest and assimilate the food we eat. In this group, there are many different enzymes, but the primary three are protease, which helps to digest protein, amylase, which helps to digest starch, and lipase, which helps to digest fat.

While raw foods contain large amounts of these enzymes, and sprouted raw foods generally contain the highest amount, these enzymes are also available in supplement form. Many clinical studies have documented what perhaps millions of people have discovered from their own experience--that supplemental digestive enzymes can help us digest and assimilate our food much more efficiently, which not only helps our stomachs feel better, but helps every part of our bodies operate more smoothly.

These enzymes affect colon health in a variety of ways, some more directly than others.

For one, the quality of the waste material entering the colon is largely determined by how well or how poorly the food was digested and processed by the stomach and the small intestine. If our bodies fail to produce adequate enzymes to make up for those lost in cooking, then our food will not be thoroughly digested.

This under-digested food, especially if it was poor-quality food to begin with, can be in a putrefactive state or worse by the time it enters the colon, feeding dangerous, disease-causing bacteria, and, over time, even being a major contributing factor in cancer. Well-digested, healthful food, on the other hand, passes through the colon efficiently, eliminating waste matter before it can pose a health problem, and feeding beneficial intestinal organisms along the way.

For another, even the colon itself is built and re-built with the help of enzymes; as we noted, enzymes are part of every function in our bodies! The better our enzymes function, all other things being equal, the better the quality of our colons, and the more efficiently our colons will be able to handle whatever they are presented with. So, digestive enzymes are important, both in the short term and in the long term.

Therefore, ideally, we should eat high-quality, natural, enzyme-rich foods, which can be digested and passed through our colons in a healthful way, and, in the process, provide our bodies with the nutrients needed to strengthen all of our organs--including the colon. And we can help this process along with supplemental digestive enzymes, which can help our bodies function at an optimal level. A clean, healthy colon is the foundation to our health. Detoxification or cleansing the colon, is the primary reason PoopDoc colon
cleanser is so important to aid in contributing to vibrant health.

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