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Constipation and Enemas – Injecting Fluids for Constipation Relief

Enemas are widely used for constipation relief in people of all ages. Enemas are considered a natural way to effectively cleanse and purify your bowel. As opposed to other treatments for constipation, e.g. suppositories and laxative treatment, it is by a mile safer and gentler on your bowels and your digestive tract.

Laxatives are notoriously strong and unpredictable when it comes to taking effect. So for those who would like a constipation treatment that they have complete control over, enemas would be great for you. Enemas are very predictable since it will take effect after you have finished doing the deed.

The problem though, is that enemas have taken a bad rep over the years. This is mainly due to improper administering of the procedure. But with the proper administering, you can rest assured that the procedure will be free of distress and discomfort.

Constipation and Enemas – A Checklist of Materials You Will Need

First off, a checklist of the materials you will use.

Enema bag from the pharmacy.

Davol colon tube. A stretchy rubber tube that you will attach to the plastic enema tip.

Enema soap. Preferable Castile since this is used by most hospitals for enema solutions.

Lubricant like Vaseline, KY Jelly or a cold cream.

A hook or hanger for hanging the enema bag.

An old bath towel, blanket or adult pads for possible leakage.

Constipation and Enemas – The Proper Way to Self Administer Enemas

To prepare the enema soapsuds solution, put all the contents of the Castile soap in the enema bag. Fill the bag with adequate amount of water to your liking. The temperature of the water should be slightly above your body temperature.

To set up the area where you will be giving yourself an enema, first, place the hook or hanger 18-24 inches above your rectum. Position the blanket, bath towel or pad where you will be lying down. Close the shutoff clamp and be sure that you can reach it when you’re about to do the enema.

Move on to lubricate the rectal nozzle with whichever lubricant you chose to use.

Release the shutoff clamp to let out air in the enema bag which can produce cramping.

Lubricate your anal region as well as the rectum and attach the enema bag to the hook.

Lie down in the Sim’s position: lie down on your left side, with your left arm behind your back and your right arm under a pillow. Your right knee should be flexed while your left leg is straight.

Insert the rectal tube 3-4 inches in the rectum. Don’t just insert in one motion, twist and turn the tube.

Release the shutoff clamp to allow the enema solution to flow. Make sure to stop if you feel any discomfort, take all the time you need to be comfortable.

When finished, close the shutoff clamp and then remove the rectal tube. Hold on to the solution for at least 15 minutes if you have constipation.

After holding on for 15 minutes, feel free to pass out the enema.

When finished expelling the entire enema, proceed to give yourself another enema but this time with only clean water as the solution. This ensures that all the traces of the soapsuds enema are removed to avoid irritations.

Proceed to clean all the materials used with warm to hot water and soap.

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