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What Is Best Constipation Remedy?

 Constipation always seems to strike at the worst times and can be a very painful condition to deal with.  While chronic constipation is a very serious and potentially life threatening condition which should be addressed by a health care professional, short term bouts are bound to crop up from time to time.  But what is used by some as a  short term constipation remedy that can help alleviate the painful symptoms and help restore normal bowel function?

Constipation Remedy #1—Laxatives

Were you to ask the average person what the best way to deal with constipation (short term), you would most likely hear “laxative” given as the answer.  Laxatives can  effect as a  constipation remedy because they actually stimulate the gastrointestinal tract responsible for bowel movements.  Simply stated, laxatives help enlarge the colon and then stimulate it to push waste out through the rectum.

Laxatives are available in two basic varieties:  over-the-counter laxatives that use chemicals as the active ingredients, and laxatives made with natural ingredients and generally only available in nutrition stores or the Internet.  Laxatives made from chemicals are not the best constipation remedy as they tend to be habit forming, cause dehydration, and your body may not be able to perform a bowel movement on its own without a laxative if you use them for too long.  Laxatives made from natural ingredients are less abrasive on the body and colon, are non-habit forming, and naturally help the body with the bowel movements.

Constipation Remedy #2—Suppositories

 Suppositories may be used as a constipation remedy as well.  Suppositories are administered rectally for treatment of constipation and have active chemical ingredients such as bisacodyl or glycerin.  As with chemically based laxatives, they can cause harm to the body if used too often.  Suppositories are the preferred constipation remedy for small children as they are easier to administer than pills or syrups. 

Constipation Remedy #3—Enemas

Enemas are one constipation remedy that has lost popularity in recent years due to the prevalence of laxatives and suppositories.  However, enemas remain an effective means of relieving severe constipation. 

The enema is a liquid solution designed to be administered into the anus.  The solution effectively cleanses the colon and the rectum and the feces is removed at the same time as the enema with everything being expelled into a toilet or catch basin.  Enemas are an effective constipation remedy but they are generally reserved for severe cases with laxatives and suppositories being the preferred methods for mild to moderate cases of constipation.

Of course, the best constipation remedy is that which prevents the condition in the first place.  For that, you need to add fiber and plenty of water to your diet along with daily exercise.  Occasional and temporary bouts with constipation will always arise.  When they do, laxatives made from natural ingredients can help and are a least caustic method of treatment.  Suppositories are considered to be the preferred constipation remedy for small children but are rarely used by adults.  Enemas are effective at relieving severe blockages and are considered a constipation remedy of last resort.  Any chronic constipation should be investigated by a health care professional as it may be a side effect of a much bigger condition.

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