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Constipation Relief Without Laxatives

Are you looking for other ways to get constipation relief because you're sick and tired of taking OTC laxatives? Let's face it: Laxatives offer quick-fix constipation relief.

But sometimes the side effects and long-term damage may be more than we bargained for. That's why laxatives should really be a last resort.

Following are some 100%-natural ways to get constipation relief.

  1. Make it a habit to spend 5 to 10 minutes on the toilet each morning. Don't worry if you aren't able to stool. Don't push or force it. Just sitting on the throne can stimulate your digestive system and eventually offer constipation relief. (Do NOT read. Just relax.)
  1. Also make it a habit to quietly sit for 15 minutes after a meal to aid your digestive process.
  1. Revive your inborn bowel movement reflex. Humans are born with the reflex to pass bowels a short time after a meal (note how babies do this naturally). Revive your natural reflex by selecting a regular time after a daily meal to stool.
  1. Take a cup of coffee to stimulate your digestive tract. Coffee and other bitter foods can produce natural constipation relief.
  1. Avoid straining and pushing. Prolonged, habitual straining during bowel movement injures the muscles and nerves in your rectum and colon, which causes incontinence and/or hemorrhoids.
  1. Avoid suppressing the urge as this can lead to constipation. If you get into the habit of fecal suppression due to busyness or an erratic lifestyle, you'll pay for it later.
  1. Get into the habit of exercising 4 times a week, 20 minutes per session. This stimulates the digestive process and helps in constipation relief.
  1. Eat 6 oz. of whole grain products daily. Eat 5 servings of vegetables and fruits daily. Drink 8 glasses of water daily (at least 8 oz./glass).
  1. If you're taking medications, ask your physician if any of its components cause constipation. You may need constipation relief if you're taking:
    1. Antacids with calcium/aluminum (those with magnesium don't cause constipation)
    2. Beta-blockers
    3. Calcium-channel blockers (blood pressure meds)
    4. Painkillers or narcotics
    5. Some decongestants
    6. Certain antidepressants
    7. Antihistamines (usually causes mild constipation)
  1. Here are two potent alternatives to OTC laxatives:
    1. Brewer's yeast plus wheat germ - Take ½ tsp. each with every meal. If you don't experience constipation relief after a couple of days, try ¼ tsp. 2-3 times daily.
    2. Carrot juice Carrot juice's essential oils are beneficial to your stomach's mucous membranes, offering constipation relief. Drink a cup/glass several times a day to get back to normal digestion. (100% safe for children.)

So stop the OTC laxatives. If you ne ed help at first, use an all-natural constipation relief supplement (such as PoopDoc). Your goal should be to achieve your body's natural bowel function without artificial aids. If you adopt these changes and adjust your diet, you should get constipation relief and nor ma l bowel movement in 1 to 2 weeks.

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