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Constipation Relief Through Massage

Constipation relief through massage is one of the best, natural, side-effect-free treatments around. Massaging your abdominal area tones your stomach muscles, appendix, and colon. Regular massage strengthens the walls of your colon and loosens fecal matter for constipation relief.

Perform regular daily massages initially for 1-2 weeks until you feel constipation relief. After that, you can continue with periodic massages to benefit colon health and improve circulation in the surrounding organs.

Constipation Relief Through Massage in 5 Easy Steps

You can perform this massage for constipation relief in two ways: Lying in bed using oil or while in the shower using gentle liquid soap. If your nails are long, you may want to clip them to make it easier to do the massage.

  1. Begin on your right side, around your appendix area. Massage in small circles in a single direction, moving upward from appendix to abdominal area to rib cage. (What you're doing is tracing the path of fecal matter to help in constipation relief as it passes through your colon.)
  2. When you get to your rib cage, massage towards the outer point of the left rib cage.
  3. Massage down the length of your torso to the groin area.
  4. As you massage around the colon path, note any areas that are painful when pressed. If you feel slight/moderate pain in an area, massage it daily to reduce pain as well as constipation relief. If you feel deep pain, discontinue massage and see your doctor.
  5. For noticeable constipation relief, spend 3 minutes on the massage at least once daily. Apply gradual pressure with each daily massage, starting gently then increasing pressure each time.

With this massage technique, signs of constipation relief should begin in a couple of days. You will also feel an improvement in overall well being.

Constipation Relief Massage Benefits

As you massage in circles around your appendix, you also strengthen your ileocecal valve. This valve controls the gateway between the small intestines and the colon. Its job is to stop the contents of your colon from flowing back into your small intestines.

Strengthening and toning your ileocecal valve through regular massage gives constipation relief.

Massaging your appendix area also helps mobilize any fecal matter trapped there. Stagnant feces not only cause constipation but also bacteria build-up and, consequently, inflammation and pain.

So massage your appendix, abdomen, colon, and ileocecal valve during your daily showers or before you get up from bed in the morning.

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