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Constipation Relief Dangers

Whether we like it or not, we all experience constipation at some point.  Perhaps it was caused by traveling, a sudden change in diet, or even using some new medication.  Whatever its cause, all we really want is constipation relief.  Fortunately, there are several short term and long term solutions for constipation but you should always consult with your doctor before using any constipation remedy. 

Using Laxatives For Short Term Constipation Relief

When someone has constipation, it often leads to what effectively feels like cramps in the stomach and intestines.  The pain can cause people to lose work and can even have an adverse effect upon relationships.  One of the quickest short term means of constipation relief is the laxative.

A laxative works by stimulating the gastrointestinal tract.  Actually, a laxative stimulates the Peristaltic action that is responsible for moving from your stomach, through your intestines and colon, and then on and out of your rectum.  While laxatives will indeed provide constipation relief in most cases, their use can lead to problems—especially using drugstore laxatives.

The problem with these “over-the-counter” laxatives found in your local drugstore is that they provide constipation relief at a high cost.  Using harsh and unnatural chemicals, these laxatives desensitize and then enlarge your colon in order to stimulate the gastrointestinal tract.  The problem with this form of constipation relief is that these laxatives are often habit-forming (and are commonly used by anorexics).  In time, your body will not be able to have a bowel movement without a laxative.  When patients overuse laxatives when seeking constipation relief, it becomes necessary for the body to retrain the colon to stimulate the Peristaltic action necessary for a natural bowel movement.

Common “over-the-counter” laxatives can be used for short term constipation relief but be aware that the following problems may arise from their continued use:

  1. dehydration
  2. damage to nerves that affectively regulate your colon
  3. stop the natural Peristaltic action in gastrointestinal tract
  4. addiction
  5. killing friendly bacteria
  6. chemical side effects
  7. inability to have bowel movement without using laxative

Truthfully, we all need constipation relief from time to time but the use of common “over-the-counter” laxatives may do more harm than good—especially the longer they are used.  Still, there is nothing wrong with laxatives as a constipation remedy but try to find laxatives made from natural ingredients.  Most, if not all, of the problems listed above do not occur when using natural laxatives.  For those who don’t have the time to find laxatives made from natural ingredients, it is important to consult with a physician before using any of the “over-the-counter” laxatives as they can cause more problems than they solve if not used properly or for too long.

The simplest and most effective form of constipation relief to date is prevention in the form of diet.  Laxatives, chemical or natural, are not a true constipation cure.  They are meant to relieve constipation temporarily and their overuse may help mask a much larger medical issue.  Consult with your health care professional when laxatives have become a necessity to having bowel movements as there is most likely a larger issue causing the problem.

Constipation relief can also be addresses by prevention.  Colon Cleansing using natural source Oxygenating cleansers not only help rid the bowel of impaction (which many of us have) but contributes to overall health.  PoopDoc Natural Colon cleanser is one such product.

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