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The Constipation and Milk Connection

Constipation ranks up there as one of the most annoying conditions a person can endure.  It can arise from nowhere, last for days, and then disappear again without your ever understanding the cause.  Any of the following can be a potential cause of constipation:  recent travel, sudden change in diet, dehydration, medication side effect, blockage, delaying a bowel movement, poor nutrition, pregnancy, illnesses such as diabetes, stress and of course, a lack of physical exercise.  Oh, and there is a constipation and milk connection as well!!

Now you may be wondering how constipation and milk could possibly be related.  But think about it:  Isn’t consuming a bunch of cheese a sure way to get constipation?  Are all dairy products to be avoided if we are to have normal, healthy, pain-free bowel movements?  Well, if not completely avoided, at least intake should be limited.  If you are a dairy fiend but have suffered from chronic constipation….well, it may be a good time to try avoiding the dairy section for a few weeks to see if the constipation clears up.

Now some people may be tempted to believe that constipation and milk or other dairy products are related because they are low in fiber or are lacking in it altogether.  Fiber does indeed help the body to maintain regularity by adding bulk and softening the stool.  But constipation and milk are not related because of the fiber content of milk.  While this would explain a hardened stool and difficulty with bowel movements, it is not the reason for constipation and milk being linked.

Feces are propelled through the bowel system with muscles that line the walls.  When the muscles contract, the movement is propelled forward.  Constipation and milk or other dairy products are connected because of calcium—a key ingredient in all dairy products.  The bowel muscles cannot properly contract when they cannot get rid of the calcium in their cells.  Therefore, constipation and milk are linked because of the excess calcium in the muscles of the bowels caused by the dairy product.  The feces builds up and toxins and bacteria begin to reabsorb into the blood stream.

Although constipation and milk and other dairy products are connected, simply reducing or eliminating them from the diet may not help.  Feces builds up along the walls of the intestines, bowels, colon, and rectum as it passes through the dietary tract (impaction).  This may lead to recurring restrictions and blockages until the excess feces is removed with a good colon cleanser that uses all natural ingredients (i.e. PoopDoc colon cleanser).  This will clean the system from top to bottom while not exposing your body to the potentially harmful side effects of cleansers made with chemicals or stimulants that can actually damage your body.  Then, by steering clear of large quantities of dairy products that can cause your bowel muscles to shut down, you may not have any future blockages but may still want to cleanse the system every few months for good preventative maintenance.

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