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Children And Constipation Problems Often Begin With Potty Training

Where children and constipation are concerned, the origins of their shyness (and in many cases, our own issues with discussing constipation problems) often begins with potty training. Sometimes the signs of constipation are obvious, sometimes they are not. Where your children and constipation are concerned, here are some signs to be aware of:

1. Difficulty or pain when trying to pass stool

2. Skipping or withholding bowel movements to avoid pain

3. Four or more days without a bowel movement

4. Sudden loss of appetite

5. Poor performance in school

Constipation problems such as missing bowel movements must be taken very seriously because in times when stool cannot be eliminated by a bowel movement, the bacteria and toxins ultimately enter the blood stream. When there is a blockage in your system or any problems with the evacuation of stool in a timely manner, there is the potential for larger problems than simple constipation to develop.

During potty training, problems with children and constipation suddenly become an issue because there is now social pressure on what used to be an unregulated body function. If parents are not careful, the use of negative reinforcement can psychologically damage the ego of a child and children then associate bowel movements with shame or guilt. Because they are confused, children will withhold the evacuation of stool and then potentially cause constipation problems.

When constipation does develop during potty training, a very negative cycle may then begin that can take days, if not weeks, to correct. Children with constipation will experience pain during evacuation because failing to evacuate feces will cause it to dry and harden. There may even be the presence of blood on the toilet paper or in the stool, further causing alarm and grief in the child. Due to the pain, the shame associated with the blood, or a combination of the two, the child will have the constipation continue because they will then withhold bowel movements.

Once a cycle has initiated, the best choice may be to use an all natural bowel cleanser to completely cleanse the bowels. An all natural bowel cleanser should not cause any harmful side effects and it will clear away any compacted waste and blockages that may be causing the constipation problems. Then, by encouraging a diet rich in fiber and plenty of exercise, and good conversation with the child that pooping is a good thing, constipation problems should hopefully disappear.

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