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How Back Pain Constipation Occurs

An occasional bout with constipation is a pretty common thing for most people.  In most cases, constipation is the result of diet.  Short term constipation will occur when a person binges on fatty foods or overexerts themselves without taking in enough fluids.  The condition normally goes away within a day or two and regularity is restored.  Sometimes, however, the constipation is both chronic and the result of something more than just indulging in the wrong foods or not drinking enough fluids.  In these more severe cases, back pain constipation is the result.

Fecal Impaction and Back Pain Constipation

If you have ever felt abdominal cramps as a result of constipation, then you probably have experienced at least a mild form of fecal impaction.  When a person’s stool hardens at the bottom of the large intestine and beginning of the rectum, it blocks the flow of other feces from being pushed through the body.  This, is fecal impaction and it causes back pain constipation because pressure is exerted on the abdomen and lower back.  The longer the fecal impaction blocks feces from being excreted from the body, the more severe will be the back pain constipation because pressure will continue to build until it can be released.

Fecal impaction may cause more than just back pain constipation.  Sometimes, the impaction causes near-constant cramping and pain in the rectum.  Plus, when attempting to make a bowel movement, a person may feel severe abdominal pains that make it all but impossible to successfully defecate. 

Even in mild cases of fecal impaction, laxatives will not be enough to cure the back pain constipation but they should lessen the pain and alleviate the blockage.  Feces will still cling to the sides of the intestines and rectum even after using laxatives.  This merely sets the stage for a future impaction and back pain constipation.

Enemas have also been used to treat fecal compaction but they rarely cleanse more than the bottom portion of the colon.  In the end, only a colonic irrigation will really eliminate a fecal impaction and the source of back pain constipation.  However, this is generally performed by healthcare professionals at great expense while being far from fun.

However, there are colon cleansers on the market designed to cleanse your gastrointestinal tract of feces and totally eliminate fecal impactions.  Completely cleansing your intestines and colons is the best way to ensure that back pain constipation does not return.  It is highly recommended that you use cleansers with only natural ingredients as chemicals can cause side effects and destroy good bacteria living inside your gastrointestinal tract.

Back pain constipation is the result of a severe blockage within your bowels.  You must eliminate the blockage in order to relieve pressure from your abdomen and lower back.  Once done, it is important to make changes to your diet in order to reduce the likelihood of the fecal impaction returning to cause more back pain constipation.  In addition to adding fiber and plenty of liquids to your diet, be sure to use a colon cleanser made from natural ingredients at regular intervals to keep your bowels clean and your back free from pain.

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