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Proper Positioning for Positive Bowel Movements and Constipation Relief

While our body does most of the work behind the scenes, there is really a lot that goes into your average bowel movement. There are a number of muscles that are hard at work inside your body, contracting in a perfect rhythm to collect the waste that is left over from your food and move it through your colon and finally out of your body and into the toilet.

Sometimes, we rush ourselves through a trip to the bathroom. Maybe you think you’re late for work or just have too many other things to do. This could mean you are setting yourself up for constipation.

Many people who don’t have a bowel movement schedule end up suffering with constipation and searching for some sort of constipation relief. It's easy to make this mistake. If you have ever had the urge to go but told you body to put it off because it was not a convenient time, you have contributed to the problem.

If you are already suffering from constipation, you need to do something to get constipation relief. A colon cleanse is a great way to go as it will completely flush out your system and get you back on a clean playing field.

Set a Schedule

You schedule everything else in your life; why not schedule your bowel movements. It's easy to get your body into a schedule if you keep to that schedule. The key is not to be rushed or try to make it happen too quickly. You want to allow your body the time it needs to remove the waste that it has been storing without cutting it off mid way through the job.

How to Sit

You may think sitting on a toilet doesn’t take any instruction. While just sitting may not take any instruction, sitting in a way that will promote good bowel movements is another thing. Here is how you should sit to offer your body the easiest time in creating a bowel movement.

Have a footstool in the bathroom that you can use to position your legs in a way that will be better for a bowel movement. The idea is to bring your knees slightly up. This little bit of motion will change where the pressure is being placed on your body. Instead of all being on your anal area, it will move the pressure to another part of the body, which will free up the anal area to do it's job and eliminate waste. There are special stools meant just for this job, but any stool, or even a couple of large books will do the trick.

You should not just sit up straight on the toilet, but lean back a little bit. Don't go overboard. You just want to lean back slightly to offer an easier flow of waste from your system.

Tighten and loosen your stomach. The act of 'pulling in your stomach' like you would do if you are trying to look thinner and then releasing can help trigger the rest of the muscles that have to work to remove waste from your body. Think of it as a constipation relief exercise.

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