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Natural Methods for Dealing with IBS and Constipation

Whether you suffer from irritable bowel syndrome or constipation you may find yourself stuck with a tough situation. Doctors will try to prescribe all sorts of drugs to use as treatments, but do you really want to put those drugs in your body? If you are looking for a more natural treatment for IBS or constipation you may feel frustrated.

Never fear, there are options.

First, you have to get rid of any constipation. Constipation is waste that has backed up in your digestive tract and is now rotting and breaking down inside your body. As it rots, it releases toxins and dangerous bacteria that can do damage to your body if it is allowed to stay there. This can be the cause of many of your IBS symptoms, abdominal aches and pains and even fatigue.

The most effective way to get rid of the constipation is to use a complete body colon cleansing system. This is a colon cleanse that is taken orally. While anally administered colon cleanses can clear out the lower colon, they cannot clean out the rest of the digestive tract, where more waste can be building up.

An oral colon cleansing system will work it's way through all of the intestines and colon and remove any waste that has built up along the walls of the line which are the culprits behind your medical problems.

Most orally taken colon cleansing programs are 3-5 day programs where you take capsules that will work to break down the waste and clear it out of your system.
Once this is completed you will want to make sure to keep your digestive tract clean to keep constipation from cropping up again. To this end you need to look a little more closely at your diet and make sure you are taking in the type of foods that are healthy and easy for your body to process and clear out. A high fiber, low fat diet is the way you should be looking, as that is best for your system to process.

Additionally, you may want to consider taking in a supplement of fiber, which will help your body maintain regularity. This is especially the case if you are prone to constipation or IBS. Why give your body a chance to slip into that state again? Instead you should do what you can to keep it healthy every day.

Long term maintenance means you will also have to plan to do the colon cleanse on a regular basis. Usually this means every 3 months or so. Since it is a simple process of taking a few capsules this is an easy way to keep your health intact.

Finally, when choosing a colon cleanse system to use, you may want to consider on oxygen based colon cleanse. The reason for this is that an oxygen based colon cleanse will not only clean things out so you can start feeling better, it will actually boost your energy level and help your body heal because of the oxygen, which the body uses to repair cells and come back from any illness or damage.

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