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How Can I Make a Homemade Colon Cleanse?

If you are trying to keep your body in tip top shape, you know there is more to this than making sure you are exercised well on the outside. You also may be asking how can I make a homemade colon cleansing to clean myself out on the inside.

Believe it or not, the answer to ' how can I make a homemade colon cleansing' may be as simple as mixing together some of the ingredients that are already in your home.

Dietary Colon Cleanses

One of the first steps most people take in colon cleansing is by changing their diet to foods that will help clean out the colon.


The first thing you need to remember is that you should always be drinking a lot of water. Your body needs water to work in general, but needs even more of it if you want it to flush waste out of your system.


One of the best things you can take in to help your body begin to colon cleanse is fresh juices. This means you have to purchase the fruits and vegetables yourself and then process them into juice. Unfortunately, the store bought versions of juices are processed and many of the enzymes that will help your body with the colon cleanse have been processed right out of them.


There are a number of herbs and seasonings that are meant to aid the body in colon cleansing, naturally. Some of these that will fit into the 'how can I make a homemade colon cleansing' category include cayenne pepper, lemon, aloe leaf, ginger, and senna.

If you are thinking of using herbs to do your colon cleanse, you need to be cautious. Not everyone's body gets along with all herbs. If you have not used an herb before, don’t overdo it the first time. Take a small amount and make sure it sits well with your system. The last thing you need is an adverse reaction to the thing you are using to try and make your body feel better.


Many people like to help give their body a little head start in the colon cleanse process by using enemas. This is when a tube is inserted anally and water or a mixture of ingredients is flushed into the colon to clean it out.

This can be a helpful tool in the process, but must be done correctly. Doing this incorrectly could do damage to the sensitive tissue inside the colon.

Oral Colon Cleanse Capsules

While you may have started this article asking how can I make a homemade colon cleansing, you may also want to consider not having to make it yourself. There are plenty of affordable options that are ready made and ready to use. For example, there are plenty of capsule form colon cleanse products that already have everything mixed into capsules that you take in the morning and let your body do the rest.

One thing you may want to look for in these capsules is that they are oxygen based. That means when they are working their magic in colon cleansing, they are also giving off oxygen, which your body uses to heal itself and also as an energy boost.

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