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Bed Rest Pregnancies And Constipation

Not all pregnancies are easy ones. For some people, pregnancies are a medical nightmare. In some of the worst cases, bed rest will be prescribed for an expectant mother for the health of both her and her unborn baby. But this too can lead to complications. One of the most common symptoms during a bed rest pregnancy that causes suffering to the mother is constipation. In this article we're going to look at some of the options to cleanse colon waste if you're dealing with constipation and if you may even be able to improve your overall health with the right colon cleanse.

First one needs to understand why constipation happens during bed rest. When the body is at rest, all the muscles start to relax. If the body is at rest for long periods of time, such as on bed rest, this can mean the muscles become lazy and in some cases forget how to do their job accurately. Most people think this just relates to the big muscles in the arms and legs. But as those muscles become lazy, so to the internal muscles like the ones that operate the digestive tract. This is often why those who must spend a lot of time in bed find themselves looking for colon cleanse solutions or take a number of laxatives hoping to cleanse colon waste out and get back to a regular bowel schedule.

Obviously, no one should suffer with the pain that can come with constipation. But, what are the solutions? Obviously, for a woman who has been prescribed bed rest, she can't exercise and get the muscles working regularly again. So, she's going to need to look for supplements. While laxatives can help cleanse colon waste out, they can also become addictive. The body starts to depend on what the laxative does to remove waste from the system and eventually, the effects will lessen and the constipation will come back. Sometimes, it will leave and come back worse than it was before. This is why the wiser choice is often to consider a colon cleanse.

A colon cleanse is a process of flushing out any of the waste that's stuck in the body that may be leading to constipation. But there are two types to choose from. The first type of colon cleanse is often referred to as a partial colon cleanse. This is done anally where a solution is sprayed into the anus and colon to literally cleanse colon waste out. This is enough for some people, but not everyone. If the waste blockage is happening further up in the digestive tract, a complete colon cleanse may be necessary. This is an oral supplement that's taken that will do the job of breaking down and removing any waste from the stomach through the intestines and out through the colon.

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