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Bad Breath? A Colon Cleanse May Cure It

If you have bad breath, you are probably not a fan of always fearing that someone is going to smell your breath with it's at its worst. You have tried mints and gum, but they only work so long. You want to stop it once and for all. Well believe it or not, part of your problem may be that you need to cleanse colon waste from your system. If you have constipation, this may be a part of the cause of your bad breath and your cure may be as close as a colon cleanse.

A lot of people think it's oral hygiene that causes bad breath, but those who brush and floss regularly, or even more than regularly, can still be suffering from halitosis. The problem may be deeper in their system. What happens in constipation is that waste that is supposed to leave the body is getting caught up somewhere in the digestive tract. If the body cannot cleanse out colon waste it will end up breaking down and rotting, releasing toxins into the system. Without a colon cleanse to remove this waste, and the toxins it is giving off, you can start to notice a number of health effects. One of these is bad breath.

Not all cases of halitosis are caused by constipation. There actually are a number of ailments and medical reasons that someone can have chronic bad breath. But if you have noticed you are not regular, it is not a bad idea to try a colon cleanse to see if you notice a difference. When you use most options to cleanse colon waste, they work in just a few days so it will not take long to know if this is a cause of your bad breath as your system goes back to normal.

When choosing a colon cleanse to cure your constipation, there are a lot of them out there to pick from. While there is no real wrong answer when choosing a way to cleanse colon waste, some can offer you other health benefits, in addition to getting things moving again.

You should look for an oxygen-based colon cleanse. In addition to curing your constipation and cleaning out the digestive tract, this type of colon cleanse will also release oxygen into your body as it works. Oxygen is a healing agent. This means that not only will you have the positive results of the cleansing of the colon, but you will also get a boost of energy and healing from the oxygen byproduct.

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