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While the name is funny, the problem is not so funny. If you want to end:

(Overgrowth of yeast and/or fungus)
Irritable Bowel
(General bowel sluggishness)
Other Digestive Ailments

In 1999 my wife was diagnosed with breast cancer. I was stunned when she was told that day she had cancer . It was hard to comprehend. I thought only “other people” got that. I dropped everything and studied, asked, researched…desperate to find what was working, where…and how I could save her.

I found out so much incredible information…I wanted to shout it from the roof tops. It could save so many lives. Unfortunately I did not find out such important life saving facts in time…my wife died in 2001.

I felt strongly that I must share this information I found. It is my mission. If it saved only one life, if it kept only one person from going thru the horrendous pain and suffering I saw my wife, such a kind, caring and loving human being go thru, I would feel successful. Then I got caught up in the onslaught of medical bills and my attention and time went to dealing with that.

Constipation is an ongoing problem with many women I see everyday. PoopDoc has so many times come to the rescue with our patients who have complaints but simply need to have a good bowel movement. They not only become regular but love the flatter tummies!

Rose - Scottsdale , Arizona
Medical Assistant, OBGYN

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The foundation to your health is your colon. Detoxification! It might be something you've never heard your doctor say. When we don't go (poop) the way we should (1-2 times per day), our bodies begin to reabsorb all those toxins it had sent to the colon (the toxic waste site) to get out of the body.

When you are constipated, parasites (Yes, parasites!) have a better chance of attaching themselves to the walls of the colon which will in turn cause many more problems (and they get the food first, before you do…feeding them and starving you!). Daily bowel movements don't give them a chance to attach and anchor to your colon.

Diverticulitiis ( herniated pockets ) of the colon, trap feces (poop) which are just what the word says…trapped and don't get out. Putrified, rotting poison (and you are reabsorbing all of this back into your blood stream). Most Americans 40 and over have between 3-15 pounds of impacted fecal matter they are carrying right now (the small intestines have a plaque layer as well as the large intestine). And you wonder why coleo-rectal cancer is at the top of the cancer list? PoopDoc cleanses THE ENTIRE INTESTINAL TRACT, small and large.

Cleansing your colon: Schedule a colon health plan you feel is right for you (one is suggested and comes with every order). Be sure you have enough daily fiber in your diet. If you have any doubt, take PoopDoc's daily fiber supplement – Formula #2. Over 90% of Americans are Fiber-deficient! Whatever you decide to do is a step on the road to (health) or (sickness and disease). Just look at the statistics. The typical American diet is killing people! By the millions!

5 Major Ways to Cleanse Your Colon of harmful bacteria,
toxic buildup and get the relief you need

Colon Hydrotherapy (colonic irrigations) - usually performed by professionals or best results and as you can imagine, this is no picnic in the park.

Enemas - typically only removes material from the lower part of the colon (last 8-12 inches) and does not address the compaction problem.

Herbal Supplements - while supplements can be effective in bowel emptying, they are not effective in fully cleansing the bowel, removing much of the toxic waste, or improving the health of the good bacteria in the colon. These types of products cause contraction but they do not internally cleanse which is necessary for a long term solution to the problem.

Laxatives - Laxatives are used as temporary treatments of constipation. While they are sometimes effective at helping you out, they do not cleanse. They don’t touch the compaction problem either which is the most troubling to resolve. Further, there are serious complications and side effects including dehydration and loss of muscle around the colon lining.

If you want to treat temporary blockage, a laxative may be helpful. If you want to experience the benefits of a proper colon cleanse or have mild or chronic constipation, however, they won’t be of much use to you.

...and then there is PoopDoc

Dear Sirs,
Allow me to take this opportunity to tell you what an incredible product you have at Optimum Health, in Poopdoc Colon Cleanse. Having been a physician for the last 30 years.....I was a Heart Surgeon in N.Y.C., recently retired; I'm quite familiar with all of the medical solutions for severe constipation. In addition, I come from a medical family.....there are 7 physicians in my immediate family. My Father was a Homeopathic physician, so, I am also familiar and have tried all of the natural solutions for constipation, as I have been plagued with it all of my adult life.
With all of the above attempts, I also eat very carefully.....tremendous amounts of vegetables, fruit, very little meat, good amount of fresh water fish, and, get at least 2 hours of exercise daily. Yet, none of this solved my severe constipation. Then, I saw an ad for Poopdoc.com colon cleanse. I read the information, was impressed by the fact that it works on the small and large intestines, as well as, the colon......believe me, most of the colon cleansers on the market just work on the colon....major difference. Allow me to elaborate further, if I may. Most of your old, toxic fecal matter is to be found in the intestines, not in the colon. That is why PoopDoc colon cleanse works so well. For me, it was a miracle. Maintaining my diet and exercise and taking the recommended dose of PoopDoc, I lost 11 pounds in 15 days and had energy that I had not had in decades. Please try this product. It will flush out the toxins from your digestive tract and will positively help with your constipation.

Gary, M.D.
Las Vegas , Nevada

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What exactly is PoopDoc’s Constipation Relief Formula?

PoopDoc is a full intestinal CONSTIPATION RELIEF product which has been formulated to melt away compaction in the bowel and oxygenate the intestinal tract. PoopDoc doesn’t just clean out the colon, it cleans the colon, small intestine, and large intestine – all without the side effects of laxatives or psyllium based cleansers. While psyllium and other fiber products simply scrape matter out through the center of a clogged colon, PoopDoc helps remove old, impacted fecal matter as it detoxifies and cleans the entire intestinal tract. †

PoopDoc attacks the source of the problem to help you have natural and regular bowel movements.


PoopDoc uses a special Formula of natural ingredients that work in harmony with our proprietary process to help reduce the solid toxic mass and break it down. It works with the whole intestinal system, not just the large intestine as the other forms of constipation treatments. †

It helps remove "toxins" that if left inside the body can one can experience lack of energy, sluggishness, improper digestion or possibly more serious health conditions. The importance of reducing toxicity is all important while maintaining the friendly bacteria, which are needed for proper digestive and intestinal health. PoopDoc helps clean the entire intestinal tract all without the side effects of laxatives and discomfort of enemas and hydrotherapy. †

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What makes PoopDoc Constipation Relief Formula
work so well?

Over time undigested food and waste material build up in the intestinal tract and colon. This is a perfect breeding ground for anaerobic bacteria, which if left alone could cause serious health problems. Many strains of Anaerobic bacteria can be harmful in our digestive system. This type of bacteria cannot survive in a healthy, oxygen enriched environment, such as a healthy digestive system.

Aerobic bacteria are the 'GOOD' bacteria that allows our digestive system to operate properly. This type of bacteria thrives on oxygen. When PoopDoc is introduced into the digestive system, the O1atom attaches itself to both good and bad bacteria. The oxygen released helps to destroy the bad bacteria and nourish the good bacteria. †

PoopDoc aids the body in helping it clean the entire 25-30 feet of the digestive tract. It is designed to clean, oxidize and reduce the amount of impaction and hard fecal matter in the small intestine, large intestine and colon. Other cleansers focus on the colon and stimulate mucous production instead of breaking down hard fecal matter. †



Unlike most other constipation and colon cleansing products, PoopDoc is 100% natural and does not contain narcotics, stimulants, or any other by-products and that is the way nature intended it.

In all the years and all the customers who have gotten the constipation relief they needed, we have never, not even once, received a complaint of any side effects that was not a natural occurring event due to the effective work of this wonderful product. It simply could not be safer.



PoopDoc is a high quality oxygen based CONSTIPATION RELIEF FORMULA. No chemical laxatives or messy irrigation exercises required.
Is a 100% all natural method of getting rid of constipation putting you back in balance as mother nature intended.
Aids in cleansing & oxygenating the colon, small and large intestines.
Aids in helping remove unwanted waste matter & extra weight.
Promotes optimal colon health which helps to prevent many other problems from developing.
Is a perfect start to any new diet plan.
Promotes and nourishes friendly intestinal flora.
Has no side effects like laxatives.
Comes in easy to take capsules.

Anyone may benefit from using PoopDoc. However certain consumers may experience greater benefits, especially if they suffer from:

Candidasis (Overgrowth of yeast and/or fungus)
Irritable Bowel (General bowel sluggishness)
Other Digestive Ailments

…and best of all, your satisfaction is guaranteed or your money back.

† These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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