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The Friendly Bacteria

Friendly bacteria? What’s this all about? Why should I care?


Here’s why:

Our friendly bacteria are very busy converting the dark, toxic recesses of our intestines into an environment loaded with enzymes and many freshly created nutrients that our body finds to be most appetizing. These little guys also make up an army of many billions, secreting substances that kill most invading bacterial strains that they identify as being their enemies. It just happens that their enemies are usually our enemies as well. They are busy protecting us against a long list of diseases as we go about on daily lives and as we sleep without us being aware of their labors. Hard to imagine, isn’t it?

As we work our way down through our intestines to the colon we find some other interesting things going on. There we have another group of friendly bacteria called the facultative bacteria. In addition to providing enzymes and such nutrients as vitamin B12, the facultative bacteria, like Lactobacillus acidophilus, secrete small amounts of hydrogen peroxide. The hydrogen peroxide releases oxygen, turning the colon into an inhospitable place for many oxygen-fearing disease organisms that would love to set up housekeeping.

As infants we acquire our Probiotics from our mother’s milk…... See below for More info.!

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