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Where Fiber Is Best Found

Have you been working to have a little healthier of a diet? Do you try to increase your fiber intake knowing that it's better for your heart and overall health? Unfortunately, if you're not properly educated on just what constitutes the right kind of fiber for your diet, you may be doing a lot of work for naught.

Kellogg Co. commissioned a study on Americans and their fiber intake. It asked a number of questions about foods with fiber that they eat, what they think "constitutes" high fiber foods and generally how they think they're getting a high fiber diet. What it found may be a little bit startling.

First, it found that most people have a general idea of where high fiber foods should be. 72% of those who were questioned thought any food that says it's whole grain is a good source of fiber. So, they know what they're looking for, but unfortunately not all foods that claim to be whole grain are giving people the high fiber content they want. Instead of just trusting that the words whole-grain on the package are high fiber foods, it's important to read the nutritional information for the item. Essentially, you want to look for something with at least 3 g of fiber per serving, 5 g or more is even better.

The study also found that some people really have no idea where fiber comes from. About 20% of the respondents thought that meats and dairy foods would have a lot of fiber to help meet their daily requirements. Others even thought they could find fiber in their water, which they knew they needed to drink a lot of.

Where is fiber best found? Vegetables and fruits are your first source of foods with fiber. These are all natural fiber foods that are great for the body. Additionally, you can look to legumes and beans as high fiber foods.

Also, if you don't think you're eating enough fiber in your normal daily diet, you can look to nutritional supplements that contain fiber. There are plenty of fiber supplements on the market. If you're not sure where to find them, very often they are with the constipation relief items on the shelf because fiber is also a great way to stave off constipation as it keeps waste in the body smoothly flowing through the system and finally out as a waste product. Bitcoin Accepted Here