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Where Constipation From The HCG Diet Comes From

If you read up on it, the HCG diet sounds like a Godsend. It promises to help you lose at least a pound a day, or even more. It claims it will get rid of those fat stores that you have been fighting to get off of your hips and other places for years. Can it do all that? As a matter of fact, it can. The problem comes in what else it can do, and likely will do to your body (get your body constipated).

To understand what is happening inside your body with the HCG diet, you need to understand what it is. The HCG hormone, the cornerstone of the diet, is a hormone that is found in a pregnant woman's body in the first trimester. Its job is essentially to get the body ready to support a developing fetus. That means it needs to pull in a lot more calories and nutrients in order for the new baby to grow inside the mother's body.

It wants to make sure there are enough calories processed inside the body to support new life inside the mother. This is why you have to take in fewer calories throughout the day. When you are not taking in as many calories as the body needs at this time, the HCG hormone jumps in and pulls from the fat stores to give the body the energy it needs to process the growth of a new life.

The other thing the HCG hormone does is slow down the digestive process. This is where constipation from the HCG diet comes from. By slowing down the digestive process, the concept is that the body can pull more nutrients from everything eaten by the host. Remember, the hormone is supposed to be in a pregnant woman. Therefore the more nutrients that can be pulled from food will be to support that new life.

Unfortunately, the slowing down of that digestive process is why the HCG diet and constipation tend to go hand-in-hand. As the food is slowed down going through the body, the waste can begin to dry out and be harder for the body to push through. Eventually constipation occurs.

Constipation from the HCG diet does not have to be a game ender. However, before you begin this diet make sure you know the risks and are prepared with a proper constipation relief to help you get past this worst of the HCG side effects. Bitcoin Accepted Here