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Up Your Fruit Content To Lessen Hemorrhoids

Are you dealing with what seems to be an almost daily battle with Hemorrhoids? Whether you call them hemorrhoids, piles or something else, what they can be is downright uncomfortable and even embarrassing.

Some of the hemorrhoids symptoms include discomfort and pain in the anal area and rectal bleeding, which can end up showing through your clothes. The bleeding from hemorrhoids can be light or moderate and you may not even know it is happening until you look in the mirror or at your pants or skirt and suddenly see a blood spot.

Hemorrhoids can come from a number of causes, but a lot of times it is just bouts of constipation that kick off a case. If you are not having at least one bowel movement every day, this could be a sign that you are constipated. Get constipation relief immediately, if not, your constipation problems could be heading towards hemorrhoids.

So, let's stop them before they happen. How? Well, one way may be as simple as adding a little more fruit to your diet. There are a lot of fruits that are known as a natural laxative. Eating them has a side effect of softening stools and making them move more easily through your body. Some of the best for this are prunes, plums and apples.

So, how do they do it? These fruits have a couple of natural hemorrhoids treatments built in. One of them is fiber. When it comes to the treatment of piles and hemorrhoids, the best thing is to avoid the constipation that can cause them and fiber is what you need to keep regular stools moving through your system. Fiber makes your bowels pass perfectly in your intestines and easier to eliminate. No constipation relief needed.

Another benefit to having a good amount of fruit in your diet is that fruit, especially the apples, have a lot of water in them. That is water that can then be used by your body to keep things moving smoothly through your system.

Prunes also have another bonus when you are trying to avoid getting hemorrhoids or need hemorrhoids treatments. Inside those prunes is dihydrophenylisatin. You may not recognize the word, but you only need to know what it does. It is a natural laxative that will get to work clearing out any blockages in your system. Bitcoin Accepted Here