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The HCG Diet Hormone Can Cause Constipation

This is one of the most commonly asked questions when it comes to people getting on the HCG diet. Many people who get on the diet start to notice they have fewer and fewer bowel movements. Their concern is that they are going to become constipated.

There is a good reason to be concerned about needing constipation relief. Constipation can cause a number of ill side effects including weight gain from waste that cannot leave the body, a feeling of bloating and tiredness and even a feeling of sickness as toxins are released from that waste into the body.

But this still does not answer the question of whether or not it is constipation from the HCG diet or something else.

It is possible that what you are experiencing is just fewer bowel movements. The reason for this would be that you are eating less, if you are following the HCG diet properly, and therefore your body has less waste to remove. However, it could also be possible that it is the HCG diet itself causing constipation.

The way the HCG diet works is to put hormones of a pregnant woman in your body. Well, if you understand how the pregnant woman's body works, you will quickly realize how this could actually be causing constipation. You see, when a woman becomes pregnant, many of the ways that her body works change. The reason for this is that her body needs to prepare to take care of a baby. This is also the same reason the HCG diet works to break down some of the excess fat in the system and allows it to be used to feed the baby, which is why you lose weight.

Unfortunately, the same hormones that are being used in the HCG diet to burn that extra fat off can also cause need for constipation relief. The reason for that is because the hormones that a woman gets when she is pregnant tell her body to do a number of things to help take care of the baby. One of those things is to slow down all the processes of digestion. The body is trying to pull as many nutrients out of the food as possible. But this can also lead to bouts of constipation.

So, whether or not your constipation is caused by the HCG diet, that may differ by person. However, the more educated you are the more quickly you can make a determination and do something if you need to. Bitcoin Accepted Here