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Stress May Be Causing You Constipation Problems

If you have been suffering with constipation for some time you have likely heard someone ask you that question. They are wondering if you are causing your own constipation symptoms, if you just want to be sick to get attention or something of the sort.

This line of reasoning makes no sense to the person who is suffering with constipation. It's irritating, it can make you look and feel bloated and sometimes it downright hurts. But, is there anything to what they are asking? A medical center in England thinks there may be.

Now before you get angry, they are not saying the constipation is made up or anything like that, but that the mental state you are in could have something to do with your likelihood to get constipated.

You have heard of the phrases 'gut instinct' or 'I got a feeling in my gut'? Well, it is a similar concept at work here. Those gut instincts and feelings are real. There is quite the link between the brain and the gut area of the body. It even has a name "the brain-gut axis".

You see, there are a lot of nerve endings in the gut region of the body and these are all communicated with through the brain. Now usually this communication is for the gut to do what it needs to do to keep the body operating smoothly. But just like any other part of our system, the communication with those nerves can be interfered with by a number of things.

One of the major causes of a communication error between the brain and gut is stress. You have likely seen that stress can, in fact, be one of those constipation causes that you have to watch out for.

Now you may think you do not feel stressed. Well, the doctors say the stress may not be one you are conscious of. In some cases it has turned out to be that someone's self-confidence issues were a stressor that they did not realize they had. In others, it was a childhood trauma that was still looming over them, even when they did not realize it.

When it comes to treatments and cures, there are many possible answers. Some have used hypnosis to lessen their stress. Others have worked with a psychologist to get through the problems that are hanging over them and restore positive mental health, which then became better physical health. Bitcoin Accepted Here