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How Best To Prevent Constipation

It is exceedingly difficult to prevent constipation because it has so many potential causes.  While diet, a lack of physical activity and stress are the most common culprits behind constipation problems, a host of things may in fact cause both long and short term constipation.  Exotic foods, missed bowel movements, new medication, pregnancy, and even other diseases may be at the root of a constipation problem.  So with so many potential causes to guard against, how does one best prevent constipation?

Because diet and a lack of exercise are the primary causes behind both chronic and short term bouts with constipation, they are key if you hope to prevent constipation problems from arising in the majority of cases.  The first step is to create a balanced diet that is rich in fiber.

Fiber is a great thing to include in your diet if you want to lose a few pounds.  This is because fiber will slow the digestive process.  Not only does this allow your body to extract more nutrients from your food, it also lengthens the time it takes to become hungry.  Not only is fiber a great way to shed unwanted pounds, it is also one of the best natural ways to promote healthy bowel movements and reduce chances of constipation.

Remarkably, fiber not only slows the digestive process, it also emerges from this process relatively unchanged.  This allows fiber to then influence the final steps of the digestive process.  It does this by helping to make stool firmer so that it can then proceed through the bowels and rectum easier.  Plus, fiber draws moisture and therefore softens stool as well.  Any way you look at it, fiber is a perfect tool in your quest to prevent constipation and the pain associated with it.

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