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Post Pregnancy Hemorrhoids

If you are pregnant or preparing to be, you may be hearing a lot of horror stories about hemorrhoids that come with that pregnancy. Most of those stories are 100% true.

The process of pregnancy does a lot of things to a woman's body, and many of them will cause hemorrhoids symptoms and ultimately bleeding from hemorrhoids. Most of these piles come from the fact that no matter how much she tries, the woman just cannot get constipation relief.

The pregnant body acts differently. It slows down the digestion process. The idea is to be able to take in all the nutrients possible from each meal that is eaten as the body is now trying to support two lives. But, this slowing process has some ugly side effects. You see you need to keep the food byproducts that are moving through the body moist, so they can process easily. But when the body slows down that digestive process, it starts to dry out and can slow down leading to hemorrhoids symptoms. It is just a fact of pregnant life.

But once your pregnancy is over and you have delivered the baby, everything should go back to normal, right? Think again, your system will not just pop back to normal right away. The anal area will be swollen right after birth and the inflammation in this area joined with the fact that the body is busily healing and still converting from its slower digestive process all end up leading to you still needing constipation relief.

This can take a few days to a few weeks to go through. So, you do not expect everything to clear up right away. As a matter of fact, you can actually experience things at this point that you had not dealt with before. For many women who managed to get through the pregnancy without needing hemorrhoids treatments, often this is when they pop up as the body recovers from the pregnancy. So, do not think you got away scot-free!

When it comes to hemorrhoids treatments, there are a number of options including eating more fiber and making sure to drink plenty of water to try and keep things moving smoothly. Bitcoin Accepted Here