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Can All Natural Remedies for Constipation Prevent Symptoms??

Perhaps because there are so many potential causes of constipation, the problem is a frequent discomfort for millions of people every year but many of us simply refuse to seek medical treatment. The technical definition for constipation seems to change depending on who you ask, but we all know that the condition often includes some pain or difficulty when passing stool and that it can be days in between bowel movements.

So long as the constipation goes away within a few days and passing normal stool becomes a regular occurrence once again, then everything should be fine. However, when the condition worsens and more severe symptoms start to develop, that is when it is time to take action. Such constipation "warning signs" include:

Appearance of white milky discharge after several days without a bowel movement

. The appearance of blood-bright red generally indicates anal fissureso r hemorrhoids while darkened blood may indicate the presence of a polyp or perhaps even colon cancer

. Acute pain on the abdomen area-even when not trying to have a bowel movement

. Pressure from accumulating waste begins to cause lower back pain-again, even while not having a bowel movement

. Begin to have skin problems like acne or perhaps even the development of halitosis-due to weakened immune system caused by the bacteria flooding into your system when it cannot be disposed of during a normal bowel movement

When problems with irregularity arise, most people do not think of all natural remedies for constipation relief. Instead, they reach for laxatives and hope the problem goes away within a day or two. However, laxatives and other conventional constipation cures tend to have harmful side effects.

Natural remedies for constipation can be found in a variety of ingredients that you might not normally think of, like:

. Black Radish Root
. Dandelion Root
. Marshmellow Root
. Fennel Seed
. Cayenne Pepper

For anyone wanting to keep constipation problems at bay, the best route is to eat a healthy diet that is loaded with fiber (lots of fresh vegetables and fruit) and any of the ingredients listed above. However, a diet alone will not be able to deal with the accumulated toxins and waste in your colon which has collected throughout the years.

A bowel cleanser is a low-cost but effective colon flushing solution that can help prevent constipation problems from returning. However, beware of bowel cleansing products made from harsh chemicals. Unless the cleanser is all natural, do not use it because it may cause a number of side effects, including dehydration which is a known factor in constipation.

Indeed, natural remedies for constipation can get the bowels moving again but they are not really effective when it comes to preventing future problems because they do not remove the previously collected waste.

Periodic use of an all natural bowel cleanser combined with a diet rich in fiber and other natural bowel-friendly ingredients can prevent constipation problems before they ever appear!

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