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Men Get Yeast Infections Too!

When people talk about yeast infections, they always tend to think of vaginal yeast infections. Well, believe it or not that is not always the case. Not all yeast infections are vaginal yeast infections. As a matter of fact, some of them occur on those who donít have a vagina! Yes, men get yeast infections too.

These Candida infections are the same type of yeast that causes the vaginal yeast infection, but causes an infection on the male organs. While the yeast infection symptoms are pretty similar, letís take a look at how they can specifically manifest themselves in a man's body.


Probably the first of the yeast infection symptoms a man will notice is burning or some other irritation. It can come in number of forms. Often the skin in the infected area is itchy or sore, it may feel like it's burning or has been scratched or otherwise irritated. This can be a very uncomfortable and downright painful experience. This can be compounded if the man who has the yeast infection tries to have sex. Sex can be very painful as the infected area is swelling and then being rubbed and irritated. There is also a good likelihood that there will be some pain or discomfort when urinating because of Candida infections.


Visually, when a man has a yeast infection he may notice some redness or even something that looks like a rash along his penis. Thatís the yeast working away on the area.


The area that is infected will often show some signs of swelling and redness when Candida infections have taken effect.


Just like women, men can also have a white or milky discharge from their penis due to Candida infections. This may show up as some residue on the inside of their underclothes.

If you think you have a yeast infection and want to make sure, talk to your doctor. They can usually tell you pretty quickly if you do and recommend some options for treating it. The good news is that once you are diagnosed, there are plenty of simple treatments that should get things back under control. Bitcoin Accepted Here