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Medical Treatments For Hemorrhoids

So, you have been told you have hemorrhoids that need treatment. Perhaps the doctor has given you a list of treatment options, named one after the next, and now you are sitting there, confused. You are not sure what they all are and what they mean. How are you supposed to pick out the best option when you do not even understand them all? Well, let's take a look at the common options that are recommended for medical treatments for hemorrhoids.

Rubber Banding

This is one of the possible first hemorrhoids treatments you may have heard of. This is really a very ancient idea that is still effective. It involves putting a rubber band around the hemorrhoid and using the constriction of the rubber band to cut off the blood flow to the hemorrhoid. Over time this will cause the hemorrhoid tissue to shrivel up and fall off. The total time for this is anywhere from 3-10 days.

Infrared Coagulation

The next option for the treatment of piles is infrared coagulation. In this case, the tissue right above the hemorrhoid is hit with a shot of infrared light. This causes the veins that are feeding the hemorrhoid to coagulate cutting off blood flow, and it will lead to the hemorrhoid shrinking up and going away. The procedure takes no time at all, usually just a few minutes in the office, but the post procedure can take a couple of days to a week while it works.


Another often-used procedure is called stapling. In this case a stapler device is used around the base of the hemorrhoid. This allows the hemorrhoid tissue to be removed and the rest of the tissue to be held together, so it can heal more quickly. This procedure does not take too long in the office, a few minutes or more and then there is a recovery time of a few days and could be some discomfort as the area where the tissue was cut starts to heal.


The last option that a doctor may recommend is surgery. In this case, you really are going in for a surgical procedure to have the hemorrhoid removed. This procedure can take a couple of hours and once you go home, you will be recommended to rest for up to two weeks while your body recovers from having the hemorrhoid tissue removed. Bitcoin Accepted Here