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Lower Cholesterol By Eating More Fiber Foods

For most people, when they're young, they don't think a lot about their diet, their health, and their life expectancy. But as we get older, this becomes something we need to be a little more focused on. Believe it or not, making sure that you eat high fiber foods may be a very big part of helping yourself live longer.

As we all know, heart issues lead to many deaths every year. This may be why there are a lot of nutritional supplements out there that specifically gear themselves towards "heart health". But one of the key answers may be just altering your diet to make it higher in fiber, which can lower your cholesterol and therefore increase your heart health.

A new study of members of the American Association of Retired People followed 20 years of these people's lives and their health. What it found was that those who ate high fiber foods and had a generally high fiber diet were over 20% less likely to die than their counterparts who did not eat as many foods with fiber.

The study seems to show that those who have higher fiber in their diet have lower cholesterol because of it there could be a number of reasons for this including that they aren't eating as many high fat and cholesterol foods because they're eating more high fiber foods. Also, it could be that the fiber, which is a natural constipation relief source, is also flushing out a lot of those fat and cholesterol deposits, making the overall body healthier.

The good news is that if you don't eat a naturally high fiber diet right now, it doesn't take much to begin one. First you can start by eating foods with more fiber. Load your diet with fruits, vegetables and whole grain foods. Next, look to nutritional supplements if you don't think you're getting enough fiber. There are lots of fiber supplements out there such as psyllium husk that you can buy right at the grocery store and add to your diet. It's a win-win situation. Not only will you be upping the fiber in your diet but also helping to stave off any bouts of constipation you used to have. Bitcoin Accepted Here