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Constipation Relief - Kids Need Not Suffer!

Constipation, though not often a serious thing, is most uncomfortable especially if children are the ones suffering. Kids are not the only ones affected but also parents and caregivers. They need more attention when they are constipated. Children who are too young to explain the source of their discomfort usually are irritable and resort to crying. The discomfort it causes them is sometimes, too much to bear. If your child has occasional bouts of constipation, there is no need for alarm. Most kids suffer from constipation at some point. You simply need to know about constipation relief and how to avoid this condition altogether.

Constipation Relief - Getting Down To The Root Of The Problem

There are many causes of constipation among kids. For you to be able to determine the specific constipation relief you will do, you have to get down to the root of the problem. Specific causes may be a high fat and low fiber diet, switching from breast milk or baby formula to whole cow's milk or solid food, or insufficient fluid intake. These are the usual causes and now that you know them it is easier to go about relieving the discomfort and eventually, avoiding constipation altogether.

Constipation Relief - Easy As Child's Play

Diet is the main cause of constipation. Usually, kids do not get enough fiber in their diet as they are more inclined to consume fatty, sugar-laden and high processed foods. Give your child plenty of fluids and juices such as prune juice. Ensure that he gets a well-balanced meal of whole bran cereals, fruits and vegetables. You can either juice the fruits or make them into refreshing shakes, minus the sugar. Substitute the sugar with just a few drops of honey. When your child is just starting on solid foods, give him enough water and fluids.

Make trips to the toilet as pleasant as possible. Children who have experienced the pain and discomfort brought by constipation usually avoid the experience by shunning to go to the toilet altogether. Encourage your child and positively reinforce any effort on his part to regulate his bowel. Explain in ways he can understand the benefits of regularly emptying his bowel, and what happens if there is poison in his body.

Bowel re-training is also helpful, especially because kids are most impressionable. The body has a natural reflex called gastrocolonic reflex. After each meal, the colon attempts to clear the bowels. Train your child to take advantage when this reflex is taking place by going to the toilet after a meal. Position him in such a way that his feet are on the floor or on a footstool to put a little pressure on the abdomen.

Constipation can be avoided altogether. If it happens occasionally, achieving constipation relief is simple. And don't forget, start training your child to go to the toilet regularly. This will have lasting effects on his overall health and well-being.

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