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IBS with Constipation Is Difficult To Treat

Irritable Bowel Syndrome, or IBS, can be a very painful and inconvenient condition to endure.  IBS is often characterized erratic bowel movements often triggered by stress and can be accompanied by periods of acute abdominal pain.  Constipation symptoms often include hard, dry stool that can be difficult or painful to pass or perhaps infrequent or nonexistent bowel movements.  When IBS and constipation are present in the same patient, treatment can be extremely difficult.

A common treatment for IBS is the prescription of muscle relaxers that attempt to relax the irritable bowel muscles.  Unfortunately, this treatment may cause or worsen constipation as movement of waste and feces will be slowed because of the muscle relaxer’s effect upon the bowels. 

Stress is a known factor in IBS and it is therefore common for doctors to use antidepressants like Valium and Xanax as treatment options.  Unfortunately, the medications can cause dehydration and also lead to the emergence or worsening of constipation.  Many pain medications commonly prescribed to relieve symptoms of IBS also worsen constipation. 

In short, the presence of IBS and constipation make for a very difficult situation to resolve.  Relieving the symptoms of one condition will usually worsen or aggravate symptoms of the other condition.  Some of the long-term solutions for constipation, such a balanced diet, may help with normalizing bowel movements but are not effective at alleviating IBS symptoms. 

In most cases, the co-occurrence of IBS and constipation can only be treated with stress management training and the maintenance of a healthy lifestyle.  Typical medications for IBS serve only to create or aggravate constipation and its symptoms and most constipation remedies prove ineffective at alleviating IBS symptoms.

Maintaining a balanced diet that is rich in fiber will help control constipation while also being beneficial in helping to control IBS outbreaks as well.  Stress management also helps with both IBS and constipation as stress is a known cause of both conditions.  Any treatment option that can help control and lower stress on a consistent basis will help manage symptoms of both IBS and constipation as well as proving beneficial to your overall health, including lowering your blood pressure.

When both IBS and constipation are wreaking havoc upon your body, it can truly seem like it cannot possibly get worse.  You are first hit with a wave of pain which demands immediate attention.  Typically, finding a nice place to have a bowel movement is sufficient to alleviate the acute abdominal pains.  However, constipation makes this relief option either non-existent or considerably more painful and difficult. 

Even treating IBS and constipation is a bear because typical IBS remedies tend to worsen constipation.  Plus, effective treatment options for constipation rarely prove effective at relieving IBS symptoms.  A healthy lifestyle coupled with effective stress management techniques are often the best options when dealing with both IBS and constipation at the same time.

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