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How To Know If You Have A Yeast Infection

If you have noticed your vaginal area is a little irritated or itchy or that you have a discharge, you may be wondering what is causing it. It is possible that you have a yeast infection. How do you know? Well to know for sure you are going to have to go to a doctor, but you may be able to do a little self-diagnosis with a look at some of the following symptoms.


Pain is one of the most common yeast infection symptoms that people notice and it can take a number of forms:


One thing you may notice is that you have an odor that is coming from your vagina. Sure, we all have scents and odors all of the time, but this will be a new one and different from what you are accustomed to. This is a sign that there may be something amiss and that you may have a vaginal yeast infection.


This is often a yeast infection symptom. This is usually a white or milky discharge from the vagina that signifies there is an infection.


A final thing you may notice is that the area around the vagina is red and irritated. There is sometimes swelling in this area as the yeast infection sets in and there may even be visible small red bumps, called vaginal yeast infection bumps, which can be painful. Bitcoin Accepted Here