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How HCG Diet Works And Why Constipation Occurs

Are you getting ready to try the new HCG diet? Perhaps you've heard great things about this diet and how people who had not been able to lose weight before see the pounds fall away. Well, before you start any diet you should make sure to do your research. Do you know how the HCG diet works? If not, kick back and were about to tell you.

First, you need to understand what HCG is. Essentially, HCG is a version of the female pregnancy hormone. In the early stages of pregnancy, the body goes through a number of changes preparing to sustain a new life inside of it. One of these changes is that the body will begin to release fat stores that it has been holding on to, in order to feed and sustain the new life that is growing inside of it. This is how HCG diet is being used to aid in weight loss. It convinces the body to let go of some of that fat that it wants to hold onto.

The process of using HCG is simple enough. You get an injection and it kicks those hormonal reactions that help you lose weight into effect. But there are some HCG diet side effects, you need to know about.

One of the most commonly complained about side effects of the HCG diet is constipation. Constipation from the HCG diet seems to strike the majority of those on this diet. The reason for that is also the hormonal reaction that is happening inside the body. In addition to releasing fat stores, the hormone is telling the body to digest more slowly. It is trying to pull as many nutrients as possible out of food in order to care for the growth of a new life. This slowing down of the waste can also cause it to begin to dry out which can lead to constipation from the HCG diet.

The good news is, there are plenty of ways to battle constipation from the HCG diet. One remedy for constipation relief is to make sure you drink enough water, two liters daily, to keep the body well lubricated. Another is to exercise regularly to keep the body in top condition and active. Finally, you may want to consider a colon cleanse to get things moving again. Bitcoin Accepted Here