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HCG Diet – Useful Constipation Remedies

Whether you have already started the HCG diet or are considering getting onto the HCG diet, hopefully you have taken a look at some of the HCG side effects. One of the major side effects of going on this diet is constipation. There can be a number of reasons that the HCG diet is causing constipation, but what you need to do is figure out how to solve it.

Constipation can be detrimental to the body for a number of reasons. First, it can frustrate you by keeping weight on that you are desperately trying to lose. Second, having this waste stuck in your body can release toxins into your bloodstream that can make you not feel well and not be able to keep on the rest of your diet. So, let's get rid of any constipation threat.

The best way to battle the HCG diet and constipation link is to know what remedies you can try to find constipation relief. You will be amazed at how easy some of them are.

One remedy for constipation relief is to make sure you are drinking enough water. You have seen that the HCG diet recommends drinking at least two liters of water a day. Well, that is not just because your body needs water. Making sure your body is well hydrated will assist the rest of your organs in passing waste through, hopefully, keeping that waste wet enough to pass through easily and avoid constipation.

Exercise is the next constipation remedy that you may want to try. You are supposed to exercise any way to help encourage weight loss. But, did you know that exercise can also encourage constipation relief? Getting all of your body's muscles moving, the big ones you work while exercising will encourage all the rest of those muscles that are taking care of internal functions to get to work as well. It will also get your blood going and generally keep your body in top condition, which can aid in more normal bowel movements.

Finally, if things still are moving slower than you'd like in your system, and you are struggling with constipation from the HCG diet, you may want to consider a colon cleanse. While this is not a daily solution, a colon cleanse from time to time can help give the system a clean slate to work off of by getting any bogged down waste out of the way. Bitcoin Accepted Here