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HCG Diet Side Effect – Constipation Can Actually Make You Sick

How many good things have you heard about the HCG diet? The kudos for this diet seems to be everywhere. Everyone wants to take part in this great weight loss program that succeeds where others have failed. But before you jump on the bandwagon make sure you understand that there are some possible down sides to this diet as well.

One of the most complained about HCG side effects is constipation. Now while you may not think the HCG diet causing constipation is a really bad thing, you may change your mind if you get a severe bout of constipation. While an episode or two of constipation is not a big deal, once it becomes a regular thing it can have a number of negative impacts on the body.


As waste backs up in the system it can lead to bloating, pressure and irritation. It can also become very painful when you try to have a bowel movement and the dry waste does not easily leave the body.


The more waste that backs up in the body, and the more bloated and weighed down you feel, the less energetic you are going to feel. This could cause negative effects on your exercise schedule that is supposed to help out on your HCG diet.


One of the worst things about the HCG diet and constipation is that it can actually make you sick. Constipation left in the body too long is waste that begins rotting and releasing toxins into your bloodstream. What can you do? There is no one hundred percent way to stop constipation from the HCG diet from happening. At the same time, it does not happen to everyone. But if you are beginning on this diet it is best that you be prepared.

First, get to know some of the constipation relief options that you have. There are simple remedies for constipation relief such as making sure that you drink enough water and that you exercise to help your body stay in optimum shape and less likely to suffer from constipation from the HCG diet. Additionally, if you do get constipated, consider a more impactful constipation remedy such as a colon cleanse and fiber supplement regimen. The key is to understand what may happen and being prepared to deal with it when it does. Bitcoin Accepted Here