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HCG Diet – Is It Constipation Or Less Poop

When it comes to frequently asked questions about the HCG diet, one of the first ones asked is, what is happening in the poop department. Many people who are on the HCG diet notice a drop in the number of times they have bowel movements. Since they should be watching anything that is happening to their body closely as they begin a new diet, they start to question whether or not they just have less poop to get out of their body or if something is wrong. This begs the question of, is it constipation or less poop? The easiest way to answer this question is to better understand constipation.

While the HCG diet causing need for constipation relief is considered a pretty common of HCG side effects, it is best to really understand what constipation is so you can decide whether or not that is what is happening.

If you are having a bowel movement fewer than three times per week, chances are you are constipated. At least, that is the general definition of a person who has constipation.

Another sign that you are constipated and not just needing to poop less is that the stool itself, when you do have a bowel movement, tends to be small in size, dry and hard. You may also notice that it is kind of hard to push the waste out of your body when you feel like you have to go.

Other symptoms of a true case of constipation include uncomfortable signs such as bloating, a sensation of needing to go to the bathroom but not being able to and pain or discomfort when you finally are able to go. Some people have even described this feeling like there is something massive that wants to come out of their body but just can't manage to get out of the space. If the constipation is bad enough, there could even be blood in the stool.

Now that you know what constipation is, by definition, you can start to assess your own situation and decide whether or not you have a case of constipation or may just need to go to the bathroom less. Once you know, you can start a remedy for constipation relief if that is what you believe your problem is. Bitcoin Accepted Here