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HCG Diet Is Causing Need For Constipation Relief

Once you begin taking the HCG diet you can expect a lot of changes to happen within your body. The reason for this is simple. You are putting the hormones of a pregnant woman in your body. When a woman is pregnant her body goes through a number of changes in order to begin to sustain the new life growing inside her. It is these changes that can help your body get rid of some of that fat you've been fighting. But, it can also lead to other HCG side effects.

One of the most worried about side effects when it comes to the HCG diet is constipation. It seems a large majority of people get constipated from the HCG diet. If you consider what the hormone is doing to the body, this makes sense.

The injections you are taking with the HCG diet are putting hormones in your body that change the way your body works. One of the things it will do is pull fat reserves from areas that sometimes don't like to let them go. The reason this is done is because if you were pregnant, this would be preparing those fat reserves to feed the new life within you. In this case, it is just allowing the body to let them go, and when they are not used, they are flushed out of the system.

But another change that is also happening with these injections is that the digestive system is slowing down. Each step of the digestive process slows down a bit so the body can pull more nutrients from the food. If one was pregnant, these nutrients would be used to sustain both lives. But the more the food in your body slows down during the digestive process, the more likely it is to start to dry out and that could lead to a waste back up. This is why often the HCG diet is causing need for constipation relief.

You may notice that you are eating very small meals and very low calorie counts while on the HCG diet. Unfortunately that does not always stop constipation from the HCG diet. So, as you begin your path on this diet plan be knowledgeable of possible HCG side effects and be ready to treat them. Bitcoin Accepted Here