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Get Yourself Educated On Ulcerative Colitis

What do you really know about ulcerative colitis? If you're like a lot of people the answer is "very little". This isn't a big topic of conversation in most circles for a number of reasons. First, it's a very sensitive area that you're talking about that most people don't want to discuss - what's happening in the colon and rectum. But the fact of the matter is a lot of people suffer from ulcerative colitis. So, it's wise to get yourself educated on just what this ailment is, and what you may be able to do to prevent it.

Colitis Symptoms

Noticing symptoms is usually how people start to figure out they have a problem. Ulcerative colitis symptoms vary widely. For some people they hear a lot of gurgling in their belly before and after they go to the bathroom, they're prone to bouts of diarrhea and abdominal pain. They may also have anal pain after they go. Others notice weight loss and fevers. Finally some have symptoms such as rectal bleeding and a bloody stool that lets them know there's really something wrong. These are all the body's ways of saying that something is going wrong inside, in the colon, which you can't see.

Unfortunately, there is no known specific cause of ulcerative colitis. Doctors are still trying to figure this out. What they do know is that usually something triggers an attack of ulcerative colitis. This is why colitis diets have been created. It is thought many cases of ulcerative colitis are brought on by foods that upset the digestive tract such as caffeine, alcohol and dairy foods. This is why these foods are recommended to be cut out for those who are on colitis diets. Other possible triggers of ulcerative colitis may include medications that someone is taking toward an infection elsewhere in the system that spreads to the colon.

Those who are at a higher chance of developing colitis are those who have a family history of it. Those who live in North America and Europe are also at a higher tendency toward this ailment. And finally those who are of Caucasian descent, especially Jews of European descent are more likely to develop ulcerative colitis. Bitcoin Accepted Here