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Foods To Eat For Constipation

Constipation is not only a very irritating and potentially painful condition, it is also embarrassing.  While the condition is relatively common and be brought on by things as simple as recent travel or changes to diet, chronic constipation is often due to something more severe like a blockage or poor nutrition.  Causes such as blockages, dehydration, drug side effects, and any other potential sources of the constipation must be ruled out.  If they can be, then diet and lack of exercise will be the most likely cause.  Foods to eat for constipation should be added to the diet immediately while slowly adding physical activity as well. 

Before talking about the best foods to eat for constipation, it is probably important to understand why even moderate constipation is such a serious health concern.  Although the condition is quite common and generally only lasts a day or two, the bowels simply need to move or trouble begins to brew.  Filled with harmful bacteria and toxins, feces needs to be evacuated from the body because it will begin to reabsorb into the bloodstream.  This can lead to a host of medical problems and a prolonged blockage can ultimately lead to septicemia and death.  The best foods to eat will naturally help keep your colon and bowels clean so blockages are less likely to form.

The very best foods to eat for constipation are those high in fiber.  Fiber naturally adds bulk to your stool which helps maintain regularity because it moves through the bowels easier.  Fiber also adds water to the stool so it is softer but still firm enough to pass through the bowels readily. 

Fruits can be great foods to eat for constipation but certain ones, like bananas, can actually make the situation worse.  Those fruits considered to be good foods to eat for constipation include the apricot, apple, and prune.  However, don’t bother peeling these fruit as the fiber you are looking for is contained primarily in the skin.

Almost all vegetables are considered to be good foods to eat for constipation.  Even those that are low in fiber or lacking it altogether can be consumed instead of other foods that may make the situation worse.  Some vegetables that are considered to be especially great foods to eat for constipation are:  corn, spinach, and most of the legumes.  Now some vegetables should not be cooked and instead consumed raw.  Raw vegetables can be good foods to eat for constipation and the best are:  cauliflower, carrots, Brussels sprouts, and cabbage.

Other foods to eat for constipation are whole grain cereal and breads, bran, and even oatmeal.  By consuming foods high in fiber and increasing physical activity, chronic constipation should cease to be an issue in a few weeks.  No, it won’t happen overnight.  It is probably best to include a good cleansing of the entire system such as PoopDoc, a 100% all natural colon cleanser, that can help you with that.

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