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Do People Really Still Use Enema's for Constipation Problems??

The vast majority of us may swallow a laxative or two when constipation problems arise but few of us actually go to steps beyond this simple self-remedy. In fact, only 3 million people seek medical treatment for constipation every year despite the fact that the condition is experienced by nearly each and every single person on one or more occasions during a year. However, as we all lead very busy lives and probably could not even get in to see our doctor before the constipation problem was gone, most of us simply pop a laxative and forget about it.

The use of enemas is generally reserved for children. Administered rectally, an enema can typically be monitored and the constipation treatment controlled better than if an oral medication had been used. As adults, we tend to avoid using an enema for constipation symptoms as they can be quite messy and difficult to administer. Aside from an enema, other constipation treatments include:

. Suppositories
. Herbal Supplements
. Colonic Irrigation or Colon Hydrotherapy
. Laxatives
. Diet
. Colon Cleanser

Eating a diet that is rich in dietary fiber is critical to long-term prevention of constipation. Foods rich in dietary fiber include:

1. Whole grain breads
2. Spinach
3. Blue Algae
4. Carrots
5. Pinto Beans
6. Kale
7 Whole grain cereals

Diet is great for preventing further constipation problems from developing but the power of fiber does have its limits. For adding bulk and loosening stool, fiber is a wonder nutrient and definitely helps make anyone's bowel movements more regular.

However, there is very little that fiber can do about all the compacted feces along the walls of the gastrointestinal tract. If you take the time to periodically use an all-natural bowel cleanser, then the waste along the walls of the colon can be dissolved and the chances for blockages will be greatly diminished while also improving your entire digestive system.

Of course, you can always opt to flush your digestive tract with a colonic irrigation procedure. To be certain, blockages won't be causing any trouble with constipation after your colon and intestines are cleansed in this procedure. However, a colon hydrotherapy needs to be conducted by a medical professional making it somewhat expensive and many complain that it can be quite invasive. In most cases, an all natural colon cleanser is the preferred tool of choice where cleansing the bowels is concerned.

The best colon cleansers are only made from natural ingredients. Bowel cleansing agents made with chemicals may harm the beneficial flora in your intestines and slow the digestive process while causing other side effects such as dehydration, which can start the whole process with constipation all over again.

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