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Eating More Fiber May Help You Live Longer

You know you need a high fiber diet to be healthier, right? But how much do you really know about how healthy fiber can make you? Well, a new study out says that high fiber diet that you keep avoiding going on can give you more years on this earth.

The study was released by the National Cancer Institute. It looked at the health of 400,000 people. What it found was what we've been generally thinking for a while, that fiber is important for your overall health. Those who had a diet that was full of high fiber foods literally ended up living longer.

So, let's take a look at the details of the study. First, generally the age group of the people being studied was from 50 years old to 71 years old. This, for the most part, is the age range when more and more health problems start to crop up. So, being able to stay healthier, longer, once you're in this age range is of vital importance to a long life.

Just how rich in fiber was their diet? Well, when it came to women, they averaged about 26 g of fiber, or more, per day. Men, needed a little more. They averaged 29 g or more of fiber every day.

How do you make sure you get this much fiber in your diet? Of course, a big portion of the answer is paying closer attention to what you eat and adding fiber foods to your diet. Up the number of fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet as these are the best high fiber foods. Also, you should be eating more whole grains and cutting a lot of those processed white flour foods out of your diet. You can also choose to add a fiber supplement, things like psyllium husk, to your diet. Not only do fiber supplements increase your fiber intake but can also help you stave off things like constipation. Think of fiber as a natural constipation relief. Bitcoin Accepted Here