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Eating High Fiber Snacks

You're trying to eat healthier but you get snacky. You want something to munch on between meals or after workouts or as you're watching television in the evening. But what to eat? If you're smart, you will choose high fiber foods that are overall good for your body and can also cure that craving.

First, let's look at what typical snacks do to your system. Most snacks out there are high in carbohydrates. That means that they're going to break down into sugar in your body. This is going to lead to a spike in your blood sugar level. When that spike of sugar drops, you're going to feel hungry again and then you're going to want to eat more. This is how the cycle continues that causes many people to gain weight, by eating foods that are high in carbohydrates.

Now let's look at the concept of eating high fiber snacks. First, high fiber snacks generally are bulkier than those high carbohydrate snacks. When they hit your stomach, they make you feel full more quickly. Quite often these foods also break down more slowly in the system meaning a smoother flow of sugar to the bloodstream and no big eventual drop in your blood sugar level. Usually, when people eat high fiber foods as snacks, they don't get hungry again nearly as quickly and it's easier to remain on their diet of healthy eating.

What kind of high fiber foods should you be eating? The obvious answer is, if vegetables will cure your craving, these are the best high fiber foods you can have and in addition to fiber have all sorts of other natural "nutritional supplements" in them in the form of vitamins your body needs. But if you just don't think vegetables will do it, how about looking at something in the fruit family. While fruits do have a higher sugar content that can increase your blood sugar, they're also foods with fiber and are much healthier than other snacks you may choose.

If you really just can't get past the idea of needing some chips or a similar snack in your diet, take some time while choosing them at the store. There are a lot of whole wheat crackers and snacks that are whole grain and can still offer some fiber while curing that snack craving. Bitcoin Accepted Here